Each Ecohab in Santa Marta is located in a natural setting, whether on a quiet beach or in the middle of the mountains.

Ecohabs Tayrona sits along the coast of Cañaveral beach which is the main entrance to the Tayrona National Park, at about 45 minutes from the city. It’s needed to pay the ticket to enter the Park.

Ecohabs Minca is found hidden in the tropical forests of Sierra Nevada. Minca is the first town of Sierra Nevada, at one hour from the nearest beach.

Ecohabs Los Naranjos It is located inside Finca Barlovento, at 2 minutes form Los Naranjos beach, surrounded by palms and bambu plants. Take the Vereda de Los Naranjos at the km 33 in the road to Rio Hacha.

Ecohabs Taganga is located in Playa Grande beach in Taganga, at only 10 minutes from Santa Marta. The access is only by boat from Taganga.

Ecohabs Barlovento. is found in the beach of Los Naranjos, just in the shore, at about one hour from Santa Marta, taking the way to Los Naranjos in the km. 33 of the road Santa Marta-Rio Hacha.

And our Tayrona National Park Hotels:

Ecohotel, in Buritaca, at 45 minutes from Santa Marta, only a few minutes from Tayrona National Park.

Hotel Mendihuaca Resort, in the road Santa Marta – Riohacha, very near of Tayrona Park.

Suites Barlovento, is located on top of a small hill offering panoramic views of the sea, taking the way to Los Naranjos, in the km 33 of the road Santa Marta-Rio Hacha.

Cabaña Cinto, is located in Cinto Beach, to access you must enter the Tayrona Park in the Negüanje entrance.

The prices to enter to the park are:18,000 for colombians under 25 years, 24,000 for colombians over 25 years, 53,500 for foreigners , this price will change during high season.