These comfortable cabins are integrated into the natural environment, built in a way that does not damage or disturb the natural environment. Each cabin is built mainly with natural materials such as palm and wood roofs, stones and ethnic elements, all inspired by the ancient cabins of the Tayronas tribes.

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Santa Marta

Are you looking for a Accommodation in Santa Marta relaxing and respectful with the environment? “ Ecohabs ” is the new term for eco-lodges that are located along the beautiful beaches and mountains of Santa Marta, Colombia . Depending on the type of accommodation in Santa Marta you want, you can select one of the following options:

With these unique places, staying in a Ecohab en Santa Marta is a perfect getaway option to reconnect with nature. You can take long walks along the coast, learn about organic farming, read a book while enjoying the forest scenery, or go on an excursion to see the rest of the Tayrona Park . All this and more can be done at the Ecohabs de Santa Marta.

This type of Accommodation in Santa Marta is an ideal option for couples, small families and singles looking for something special and unforgettable for their vacations.

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