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ecohabs tayrona
For the most comfortable ecohabs tayronaaccommodation in Tayrona National ParkEcohabs Tayrona is your best choice. Located on the beautiful Cañaveral beach, travellers can enjoy peace and privacy in cozy bungalows good for up to 4 persons.

Ecohabs TayronaThe bungalows are built with native wood and high roofs covered in palm leaves, a design inspired by the ancient Tayrona tribes. Each bungalow provides a great view of the Caribbean Sea and the green landscape.

From Ecohabs Tayrona guests may easily explore the rest of Tayrona National Park, choosing from a variety of activites such as bird watching, trekking to the ancient ruins of the Tayrona tribes, or simply taking long walks along the different beaches of the park, as Arrecifes, Cabo San Juan del Guía, La Piscina, etc.

ecohabs tayrona


Ecohabs Tayrona RestaurantTayrona Ecohabs gourment restaurant has a terrace where you can enjoy lunch and dinner with dishes from high quality local and international cuisine. Some dishes from the menu: 

  • Fish ceviche marinated in lime juice sheets and accompanied by corn and onion US 10.35
  • Cassava shrimp with cheese, milk and chopped coca US 8.28
  • Pie sweet chili shrimp with avocado and brown sugar juice US 8.28
  • Fish fillet wrapped in banana leaves, garnished with rice with coconut milk and avocado salad US 10.35
  • Fried snapper served with coconut rice and fried plantains US 15.00
  • Sirloin steak grilled US 15.52
  • Fish fillet with garlic grilled with garlic sauce US 16.52                                      
  • Linguine or fettuccine with sauteed vegetables wok US 13.97restaurante ecohabs tayrona
  • Vegetarian cannelloni stuffed with spinach and mushrooms US 13.97
  • Rice with shrimp US 15.52
  • Coconut panna dimension US 5.17
  • Rice with coconut milk and red fruits US 7.76

If you wish we can send the full menu!

Spa Tayronaalt

Ecohabs Tayrona has a spa where you can enjoy various treatments for your face and body, all for your comfort and relaxation in a privilegido environment. Here are some of the treatments. Enjoy your stay with Spa Tayrona.

Ecohabs TayronaTreatments Lulur.Un massage with all the benefits of yougour and fruits to balance your skin (1.30 h)US 165
Nutritional Bamboo.Tratamiento with bamboo, for the elasticity of your skin (1.30 h)US 165 Hydration facial. (50 min) US 45
Vitaminic Mascara. (1:30 a.m.) US 70 
Ritual Keraia (Indian technique). Relax and stimulation of the face and neck to reduce stress, headache, ansidad. US 70 
Ritual feet for tired feet.(30min) US 25 
Aromatherapy. With oils and plant extracts US 65 
Chocolate Ritual. For physical and mental wellbeing US 65
Café. Massage with coffee beans to reduce stress US 65
Ololl. With olive oil to relax the body (1:30 a.m.) US 65 If you wish, we can send you more information on treatments.

Transfers & Toursalt

If desired, we can arrange transport to make their journey easier. The shuttle cabs offer it with confidence from the point you choose, at no extra cost. These are the prices: 

Cartagena US 250 - Santa Marta US 36 - Airport US55 - Taganga US 35

You can organize your tours from Ecohabs and know all the Tayrona Park, visit the archaeological ruins of the Tayrona, the city of Santa Marta, Sierra Nevada. Here are some of our Tours, choose the one you like and enjoy nature. 

ecohabs tayronaPueblito Tour. A trail 7 km to reach the beach of Cabo San Juan and the archaeological way. Spanish Guia. 7/8 hrs
1 person US 67 2 people US 34 3 people US 22 

Cabo San Juan Beach. A path through the forest from Canaveral, Reefs and then to the pool, Cabo San Juan and nudist beach.
1 person US 34 2 people US 19 3 people US 13 

Nine Stones Tour. A trail along the Canaveral Beach. 4 hours 
1 person US 26 2 people US 14 3 people US 9 

Sierra Nevada ATV. archaeological sites, waterfalls and ancient roads of Tayronaka. 

Tour Playa Cristal. A path through the woods and beaches. 

If you wish we can send the list of Tours.

For souvenir shopping, 
Ecotienda (Ecostore), sells locally made products that support the livelihood of neighbouring communities. You can also use the jacuzzi, one in the beach and other one in the mountain and the hanging bed without additional cost.

Ecohabs Tayrona - Santa Marta - ColombiaTayrona National Park.

Created in 1964,  is a vast 15,000-acre nature reserve along the Caribbean coast northeast of Santa Marta. It is home of Santa Marta's most beautiful beaches and a wide range of Colombia's native flora and fauna. Apart from the lush vegetation, the park is rich in cultural history, as it was home to the ancient Tayrona tribes who roamed the lands way before the arrival of the Spanish colonizers.

TAYRONA PARK TICKETS: To enter Tayrona Park it's needed to pay the park fee. 16,000 for colombias, 42,000 for foreigners and 8,500 pesos for children from 3 to 12 years old.  Not included in the price. 

ecohabs tayrona

Late check-out depends upon availability, the hotel will try to satisfy your special needs. 
Payment forms: Visa, Paypal, bank transfer  Check in time: 15:00 / Check out time: 13:00  Languages Spoken: English, Spanish 

Ecohabs TayronaCancellation Policy :

1. Cancellations or changes received between 15 and 5 days before the check-in will have a charge of the first night. 
2. Cancellations or changes received between 4 and 1 day before the check-in for 2 nights reservations and so, will have the following penalties:

      • 4 days before: charge of 50% of the total amount.
      • 3 days before: charge of 75% of the total amount.
      • 2 days before: charge of the 85% of the total amount
      • 1 day before: charge of the 100% of the total amount.

3.Cancellations or change received between 4 and one day before the check-in for one night reservations will have a charge of the 100% of the total amount.
4.In case of cancellations without any penalty it will be charged a 10% of the total amount in concept of administrative expenses of the agency. 

Refund: The refund will be apply according to the terms in the cancellation policies. Once started the travel, the services included and not used won't be refunded, unless the cancellation is verified by illness justified by the EPS, medical certificate for foreigners.  


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